Discussion board emails Reported on October 4, 2017Content and course menu items may not reorder Reported on September 26, 2017Small screen layout triggered in some teaching rooms Reported on September 25, 2017Can’t access menus in the last column of the Grade Centre Reported on September 22, 2017Error on announcement tool if not enrolled Reported on September 4, 2017Error when renaming course menu items Reported on August 5, 2016Microsoft Edge: Empty files and assignments Reported on May 4, 2016Long text comments disappear off the page Reported on February 16, 2016Editing a file via WebDAV changes the file type Reported on February 15, 2016Adaptive Release Date Restriction Cannot Be Cleared Reported on January 4, 2016Student Preview uses instructor’s permissions when viewing files Reported on October 22, 2015Empty paragraphs added to SignUp List descriptions Reported on September 24, 2015Special Characters in Assignment File Name Reported on January 14, 2015Using ‘Jump to’ when grading an anonymous assignment Reported on January 13, 2015Self and Peer Assessment: Students can atach multiple files, but others will only see one file Reported on November 12, 2014Can’t subscribe to notifications via. email Reported on October 30, 2014Student activity in the Aston App Reported on October 9, 2014Export SignUp list Reported on September 23, 2014Inline Grading: Maximise view Reported on August 27, 2014Aston Replay Student Preview Reported on August 1, 2014Retention Centre: Manual grade centre columns Reported on October 10, 2013Linking to External Content Reported on October 10, 2013