Add an Instructor onto a Blackboard Learn Module via SITS


This guide is designed to address the needs for attaching an instructor to their required Blackboard Learn module(s) via the MAV record in SITS. Once an instructor has been attached on MAV, the data could be use to automatically enrol teaching staff onto their respective Blackboard Learn module(s), further reducing the workload for colleagues across the university.

  1. SITS – To begin, you will need to logon to SITS.logon to sits
  2. Launch PRS – type PRS into the SITS Menu field to launch the Personnel Tutor Record panel:
    You can find the instructor’s PRS code, by entering their Surname > clicking F5 to retrieve/populate the PRS screen. prs panel
  3. MAV – Module Availability panel
    Now that you have the instructor’s PRS code, you can attach the module tutor to their respective module, by launching the MAV panel:
    Once on MAV, enter the Module Code, Occurrence, Year and Period; if required.mav panel
  4. To add an instructor to a module on MAV, from the menu bar > click Other > Assessment Markers
    Paste the Instructor’s PRS code into the Exam Marker panel and click Store to save:mkr record