Add an Instructor via SITS


This guide is designed to address the needs to create a systematic and secured process on SITS, wherein we can firstly, attach an instructor to their required module(s) and secondly, to reuse the data – thus, reducing the workload for subsequent year.

  1. SITS – To begin, you will need to logon to SITS.logon to sits
  2. PRS – Personnel Tutor Record panel: Launch PRS
    You can find the instructor’s PRS code, by entering their Surname > clicking F5 to retrieve/populate the PRS screen. prs panel
  3. MAV – Module Availability panel
    Now that you have the instructor’s PRS code, you can attach them to their respective module, by launching the MAV panel:
    Once on MAV, enter the Module Code, Occurrence, Year and Period; if required.mav panel
  4. To add an instructor to a module on MAV, from the menu bar > click Other > Assessment Markers
    Paste the Instructor’s PRS code into the Exam Marker panel and click Store to save:mkr record