Creating Assignments

You can create assignments in several courses areas, such as in a content area, learning module, lesson plan, or folder. Students access the assignment, type a submission, attach files, and submit it. You can respond to each student separately with comments and attached files.

  1. Navigate to the page on your Blackboard course where you’d like the link to appear
  2. Assessment - AssignmentOn the action bar, go to Assessments and then click Assignment
  3. Assignment Information
    1. Enter a name for the assignment. This will be what the student sees and will also be the name of the Grade Centre column for this assignment.
    2. Enter any instructions you would displayed on screen when the student submits work.
  4. Screenshot_102914_032801_PM
    • If you have any supporting files for this assignment on your computer, attach them by clicking Browse My Computer
    • If you want to attach a file that has already been uploaded tot his course, click Browse Course
  5. Assignment Due Date & TimeSet a due date and time for the assignment.
  6. GradingSet how many points this assignment is worth. If you want to use a rubric with this assignment, you can create a new/associate an existing one here.
  7. If you want to hide grades/feedback from students (eg so you can mark all of the submissions and release them in one go)
    1. Expand the Display of Grades section
    2. Untick Show to students in My Grades IMPORTANT This will only hide the individual column from a students view. The grade will still be included in calculated columns such as “Total”. To hide it from Calculated Columns; untick Include in Grade Center grading calculations
  8. AvailabilityIf you’d like to make the assignment unavailable to students, or to set when it will display after/until, enter your choices here
  9. Click Submit