A secure and robust learning platform, Blackboard provides methods of supporting and enhancing face to face delivery of blended learning experiences. Aston University also delivers distance learning, and work based learning courses in variety of modes, primarily hosted via Blackboard.

How do I use it?

For Students

We have provided a help site that covers all learning technologies at Aston.

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For Instructors

Blackboard has so many tools the help topics have been broken into multiple sections.

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Where can I get help?


Your first point of contact should be your lecturer.

If you’re having technical problems with Blackboard, email blackboard@aston.ac.uk


For one to one help and to discuss any training requirements please email blackboard@aston.ac.uk.

If you are experiencing technical problems please first take a look at Known Issues and bugs.

If there is no mention of your the problem please inform blackboard@aston.ac.uk.