Enterprise Surveys

In accordance with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), if you plan to modify any existing Programme or Module approved criteria, then Blackboard Enterprise Surveys tool will enable you to consult with your students on these changes.

With Blackboard Enterprise Surveys, you are able to deploy your surveys to students at either a Programme or Module level. The Surveys tool consists of three distinct stages, these are:

• Creating an Enterprise Survey – this consist of adding questions on your survey, the most common type of which would be an – Agree/Disagree for your recipients to select.

• Create a Response Period – response periods represent the group of people the survey is sent to (recipients) in conjunction with the time frame the survey is open to collect data. The recipients of a survey can be selected based on their module or programme enrolment code on Blackboard.

• Enterprise Survey Results – after the recipients have responded to the survey, you can look at the analysed results, which can also be download as a generated PDF report.

If you would like access to Enterprise surveys, contact the TEL Team.

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