Add a video item

Adding media to your course this way creates a standalone content item that will appear in your course.

Alternatively, use the Kaltura mashup tool to add a video into any of Blackboard’s text editors (eg in a content item, blog, discussion, etc).


  1. Go to the page in the Blackbord course you want the video to appear.
  2. Select Build Content, Kaltura Media.
  3. Upload the file(s).
  4. Add title(s) and description(s) for the video(s) in Kaltura.
  5. Fill out the Blackboard title and description.


  1. Navigate to the content area you want the video to appear, and make sure edit mode (top right of the screen) is switched on.
  2. Build Content - Kaltura MediaGo to Build Content, and select Kaltura Media
  3. This screen shows you all of the media you have uploaded to Kaltura. To add a new file, click Add New near the top right of the screen, and then Media Upload
  4. Screenshot of the Kaltura upload screen in Blackboard
    • Either
      • Click Choose a file to upload to select the files to upload.
      • Drag and drop your files from the Windows Explorer/macOS Finder
  5. Screenshot of a video uploading into the Kaltura MashupThe next screen will show you the upload progress, and let you add information about your video into Kaltura. Information you add here will make it easier to find your videos in Kaltura at a later date.
  6. When the upload is complete, click Save and Embed
  7. Screenshot of creating a Kaltura item in BlackboardYou will be taken back to the Blackboard item where you are able to add a title, description, permit users to view the item, set availability dates etc
  8. Click Submit to add the item to the content area in Blackboard
  9. Screenshot of a Kaltura video on a Blackboard content areaThe video is shown on the content area with the title above, and the description below.