Create a clip from a video

Create clips from your videos and, if the original uploader allows it, videos in the course gallery.


  1. Locate the video you want to create a clip for.
    • If it is your own video, you will find it in the My Media tool
    • If you want to create a clip from a video in a course gallery, go to the Blackboard course, thenControl Panel -> Course Tools -> Course Media
  2. KalturaMediaClick the title of the video you want to create a clip from. The video and information will appear on the right hand side
  3. Click Create Clip. If you are in the Course Gallery and this doesn’t appear, the original uploader has not allowed other users to create clips.
  4. Kaltura ClipperYou can change the In and Out points of the clip by
    1. Manually setting the Start Time and End Time
    2. Dragging the handles on the timeline to the required point
    3. Clicking Set In or Set Out to change the in/out point to the current time in the video (eg so you can play the video, then pause it at the point you require)
  5. Click Kaltura Clip Preview if you want to view the clip before saving it
  6. Amend the title and description, if required

    Clipping TV Programmes

    You must not remove the licence text or broadcast information from the description

  7. Click Save

The new clip is owned by you and is treated as a regular video which you can add to your Blackboard courses either as a video item or via the Kaltura mashup.

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