Get viewing statistics & create clips from your Kaltura videos

We’ve switched on the ability for you to create clips from your existing Kaltura videos, and have added tutorials on how to get statistics on the videos in a Blackboard course 

You can now create clips from existing videos you have uploaded into Kaltura and, if other instructors on your course have given their permission, other videos uploaded to the course. You can give other instructors on the course permission to create clips from your videos on the My Media screen by adding the video to the course gallery.

New tutorials

  • Course Reports give you statistics on the videos in a Blackboard Course – who is watching, how much are they watching, etc.
  • Course Gallery – a searchable display of all the media assigned to the Blackboard course

Don’t forget that you can use Kaltura anywhere you (and your students) have access to Blackboard’s text editor, meaning you can post video/screencapture replies in a discussion board or use Kaltura to give student feedback via a screen capture.

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