The Collaborate Webinars area

This section should be used to set up Collaborate webinars for scheduled synchronous teaching activities.

Guidance about application and use in teaching activities is included in the Learning and Teaching Activities area but key technical information about Collaborate use is as follows:

  • The standard Collaborate room can support up to 250 participants including moderators.
  • ‘Webinar’ mode can be enabled to increase this capacity to 500. Information is available about the difference between the two modes.
  • Collaborate can facilitate ‘guest access’ for participants outside Aston such as guest speakers or alumni engagement.
  • Collaborate sessions are accessible internationally, but consideration should be given when supporting students overseas. To improve international accessibility colleagues are recommended to limit use to a small numbers of participants (less than 25 participants), to disable video for participants, and ensure supplementary information and recordings are available for students unable to engage synchronously either because of connectivity or time zone issues.
  • Collaborate only supports the most recent two stable channel releases of Android, iOS12+, iPadOS, and Android, and the following desktop web browsers:
    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Microsoft Edge
  • Experience has shown that Google Chrome provides the most reliable experience, and with all browsers it is important to ensure they remain updated to the latest version.

Collaborate sessions can be scheduled in different ways and all student participation can be monitored using the reports function.


For technical support contact the TEL team