When viewing a courses’s announcements, you will see an error if you are not enrolled.

This only affects users school administrators who have access to view all courses in their school.

Steps to replicate

  1. Log into Blackboard as a school administrator
  2. View a course for your school, but which you aren’t currently enrolled in
  3. If the course has the Announcements tool as its entry point, you will see an error. Otherwise you will see the error when you click on Announcements in the course menu


Quick enrol in the course.

Search for and enrol on a course

  1. When logged into Blackboard with your staff account, click System Admin
  2. On the Administrator Panel, click Courses
    Don’t click the Courses tab at the top of the screen, this will take you somewhere else
  3. You can then use the search controls to navigate to the course you require.

    Heads up

    Bookmark this page for easy access in future.

  4. Click on the course ID to enter that course.
  5. You may see an error message, or one saying there are no available items in the course. Ignore the misleading Log In button.

  6. Click the  button located at the bottom of the course menu.
  7. When you agree to the confirmation, you will be enrolled on the course as an instructor.

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