When a student submits work to a Blackboard assignment, it will email them a confirmation receipt for their records.

PDF copies of receipts are saved into the Files area of the Blackboard course.

View/Download receipts

  1. Go to the Blackboard course containing the assignment
  2. Under Control Panel, click Files, and then click the module code. This will show you the files for the course (you can read more about course files)
  3. Click the Receipts directory
  4. The receipts will be named SubmissionReceipt_username_1412247871141.pdf. (The numbers are a timestamp and will vary on each receipt)
  5. Either
    1. View the receipt by clicking the filename, or
    2. Download one or more by checking the box next to each one you require, then selecting Download Package

Receipts for Kaltura video submissions will say that no files were submitted

Blackboard no files receipt

This is expected behaviour as the video files don’t get saved into Blackboard. They are uploaded into Kaltura, a separate system, and are embedded into the student’s submission in a similar way to how a website might embed Vimeo or Youtube videos.

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