Accessibility and why is it important

Millions of people have disabilities that effect how they use the internet. Taking account of web accessibility means that these people can use, experience and contribute to the internet in a meaningful way that does not discriminate against them and their disability. It is important to remember that users without a disability benefit from good accessibility. Many of the core principles of good accessibility relate to content being available in lots of situations and in a flexible manner. For instance users may be on mobile devices, using slow internet or have temporary disabilities such as an eye infection that can effect their sight.

There are a number of reasons why this is important.

Reasonable Adjustment

There are many aspects to how Blackboard works that are beyond the control of those who use the system on a day to day basis, that impact upon its accessibility. There is still however a responsibility on all users to do what they can to make some reasonable adjustment to the way in which they use the system to conform to good accessibility principles. Below is some steps that can be taken that will hugely improve the accessibility of your Blackboard Course with minimal effort.

  • Images should have alternate text.
  • Fonts should be chosen that are ‘easy’ to read and should be at least 12pt size.
  • Contrast and colour should be planned to include the colour blind.
  • Text composition should be aimed at dyslexic students.

Accessibility & Blackboard


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