Course Copy

Use the course copy function to copy content from one course to another.

If you want to copy a single item or content folder, use the copy content items feature instead.

Browse to the Blackboard course you wish to copy content from, i.e. one from last academic year.

2013 Course Copy

In the Course Management section (underneath the course menu, on the left hand side), expand Package and Utilities in the Control Panel and click Course Copy.

The Copy Course screen will open.

Select Copy Options

Course copy select destination course

Click Browse to select the destination course. A window will pop open letting you search for and select the destination course.


Click the radio button [a] next to the required course then click Submit [b] This will close the window and take you back to the main Copy Course screen.

Select course materials

This is where you select the content you wish to copy from the source into the destination course.

Content areas are listed first, followed by the various Blackboard tools you can make use of (eg blogs, wikis, etc).

Save yourself time – don’t copy things that are already in this year’s course

There are already course areas for this year’s module specification and reading lists. Don’t copy them from the last year’s course as you will only have to delete them from this year’s course.

Panopto/Aston Replay

To record content for this year’s course – you will need to provision the course.
To make previous Panopto content available to the current year’s course – you will need to provision the course, then select the relevant Panopto folder in last years Blackboard course.

There is a known issue where, after a course copy, clicking on the Aston Replay link in your Blackboard course may take you to last year’s course.

If, having done the course copy, you click the link and are taken to last year’s course, email


If you tick Grade center columns and settings, your Turnitin assignments will be copied across – you will need to amend the dates for each one.

If you don’t tick this, you will need to delete and recreate your Turnitin assignments in the 2016 course.


If you tick Tests surveys and pools and Grade center columns and settings

Your tests and surveys will remain deployed in the relevant content area and the grade centre column will remain intact, minus any values.

If you do not tick Grade center columns and settings (unchecked)

Your tests, surveys and question pools will be copied but your tests and surveys will be removed from the content area and will have to be redeployed.

Blackboard Assignments

If you wish to copy Assignments, counter-intuitively you have to tick Tests surveys and poolsand Grade center columns and settings during the course copy procedure.

These tools will maintain their basic structure but minus any of the student-generated content.

No existing session recordings will be available via the Collaborate scheduler. Access to recorded sessions will only be maintained if added to a content area as an item or by using the Collaborate mash-up tool.

Please contact TEL Support, for any support requests.

File Attachments – aka Course Files

Everything you upload into a Blackboard course gets saved into the Course Files area.

Course Copy: Copy links and copies of thhe content

Select Copy links and copies of the content. This will copy files that have been linked from items in the course.

Does your course contain any HTML sites, Adobe Presenter, Articulate, or any other similar content?

If so, you’ll need to select Copy links and copies of the content (include entire course home folder). to ensure that all of the files for that material are copied to the destination course, not just the file that launches the viewer (eg index.html).


Important Do not include enrolments in the copy – these are managed for you.

Begin the Course Copy

Click Submit at the top or bottom of the page

The course copy process will not happen instantly.

The request will go into a queue and you will be emailed when it is complete. Do not attempt the course copy process again!

Check the progress of a copied course

If you want to check on the process of your course copy, navigate to the destination course. The status of the copy will be shown at the top of the page.

Course copy is waiting
Course copy is waiting

You don’t need to keep checking the destination course – you will also receive an email when the copy is complete.

From:    Administrator Blackboard []
Sent:    18 September 2014 16:29
To:      Massey, Adam
Subject: Course Copy process complete. []

The following Course Copy process has completed
Source 2017_Course | Destination 2018_course

The results of the process are shown below.

Operation successful.

If you do not receive an email, see either message, or the content has not copied across to the destination course, please contact