Add people to courses and organisations

Do not use this method to add a student who should be enrolled on your module

Instructors and students on taught modules should be managed via SITS. They will automatically be added to the Blackboard course for the module.

If students are missing from a Blackboard course, contact your school’s SITS administrator to rectify the problem.

Consider adding instructors onto the module on SITS

If you follow the steps below to add an instructor to a Blackboard course for a taught module, you will have to add them again the next time the module runs.

If they are added to the module record on SITS, they will automatically get access as an instructor next time the module runs.

Despite the warnings above, there are still times when you may wish to add a user to your Blackboard course or organisation.


We’re moving to a model where anything that is a taught module, or is assessed, will reside in a Blackboard course. Anything else will reside in a Blackboard organisation.

There is more detailed information on the Blackboard help site, but the roles in common use at Aston are as follows:

Course Role Organisation Role  Description
Instructor Leader Full access to the course/organisation
Teaching Assistant (TA) As above, but not included in the course description
Student Participant Can see and interact with the materials/tools made available by the Instructor/Leader


  1. Go to the Course/Organisation you want to add the user(s) to.
  2. In the left-hand menu, click Users and Groups, then Users. This is listed under Control Panel in a course, and Organisation Management in an organisation.
  3. From the Users page, click Find Users to Enrol.
    1. If you know the usernames of the people you wish to add to the course, enter it into the text box.
    2. If you don’t know usernames, click Browse to search for people.
    3. Then select the required role, see the table above.
    4. Make sure that Yes is selected for Enrolment Availability (it will be selected by default)
    5. Click Submit.