Editing how a score is displayed in Grade Centre

There are a number of ways in which scores can be displayed in the Grade Centre.

The points score denoted the by the test results.
The score will be converted into a percentage and then into a letter in the format “A” “B-” etc.
The score converted to a percentage of the total score possible.
The score is replaced with a tick or cross denoting if the test has been completed or not.

Additionally you can add a secondary display to allow you to display 2 pieces of data.

The example below shows you how to convert the primary display to a percentage.

  1. Notice that the information in the feedback test column currently says 10.
  2. Roll over the chevron next the column title and click Edit Column Information.
  3. You are then able to edit a number of details regarding the column. Scroll down to the drop down box labelled Primary Display.
  4. From the Primary Display drop down select Percentage and then click Submit at the bottom of the page.
  5. The page refreshes back to the Grade Centre and you will see that the column is now displaying a percentage. In this case the 10points has been converted to 100%.