Adaptive Release: Membership Criteria Added Automatically

When setting up an adaptive release rule on an item, and there are student Groups set up in the course, Blackboard will also add empty group membership criteria.

This means that the rule will never be met, so the item won’t be viewable to those you intended. You will see a message similar to this:



Having set up the adaptive release rule, navigate to Adaptive Release: Advanced and remove the unwanted rule

  1. Click the arrow icon next to the item, and click Adaptive Release: Advanced
  2. On the next screen, click the arrow icon next to Rule 1, and click Edit Criteria
  3. Click the arrow next to AND Membership, and click Delete
  4. Observe that there is just the original criteria you specified when you originally set the Adaptive Release rule

Check to see who has access to an item

You can see which members of your course has access to an item by looking at the User Progress screen.

More information

There’s more details on Blackboard’s support site.