Copy/Move Item: Courses not sorted alphabetically

When copying or moving an item from one course to another, the dropdown where you choose the destination course is not sorted alphabetically.

It looks like the list of courses are presented in the order you were originally enrolled.


On Blackboard’s support site, this issue is dated as published in November 2014 – so we shouldn’t expect this to be fixed any time soon.

Assuming you’re copying an item from last year’s course into this year’s, you’ll find this year’s course at the bottom of the list.

If you’re enrolled on a lot of courses, rather than scroll through the list, you may find it easier to type the name of the course to locate it in the list. To do that:

  1. Click on the Destination Course dropdown so it opens up
  2. Start typing the name of the course. To find a specific module for the 2020 academic year, you will need to type (2020-21, then a space, then the module code. The dropdown list will jump to that item – click on it to select it.

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