The requested URL is not a content file

When editing a content item in an organisation which has a file attached to it, you will see the following error:

An organisation in Blackboard Learn showing the error.

Blackboard are working on a fix. Sign up on Solve to be notified.


There is no workaround available which lets you edit the existing item. If you want to make a change, you will need to create a new one, and add the attachment in a different way

  1. Click on the context menu, located next to the title.
  2. Click Make Unavailable.
  3. Select the content of the hidden item, and copy the text (so you’re able to paste it into the newly created item)
  4. Create the item. Paste the text you selected earlier, and either:
    • Make sure the text cursor is located where you want the link to the attachment to appear
    • You have selected the text which you want to make into a link to the attachment
  5. If your content editor only has one row of buttons in the toolbar, click the ellipsis button and the end of the toolbar.
  6. Click the Add Content icon, which will be the last item on the toolbar.
  7. Click Insert from Content Collection
  8. Locate the file you wish to attach. Tick the box next to it [1] then click Submit [2]