Kaltura retirement

The university is to retire Kaltura, one of two video streaming solutions currently integrated into Blackboard.

Panopto/Aston Replay will be the only supported video streaming platform on Blackboard Learn from the end of the 2021/22 academic year.


Aston has subscribed to Panopto (aka Aston Replay) since 2009, and Kaltura since 2013.

Historically, Panopto concentrated on using an app to record lectures whereas Kaltura allowed you to upload existing video files. As both systems have been able to do both activities for a few years now, it makes sense for Aston to concentrate on supporting just one of the tools.


10 June 2022


Do not upload anything to Kaltura after this date.

Videos uploaded to Kaltura prior to, and including, this date will be copied into an archive (more information about the archive is available below).

Videos uploaded to Kaltura after this date will not be part of the archive and will be deleted when access to Kaltura is removed.

December 2022 (exact date tbc)

Kaltura will be removed from Blackboard. Any existing links to videos hosted on Kaltura will cease to work.

What do instructors need to do?

Upload new videos to Panopto

If you are developing a new module for the 2022/23 academic year, you should upload video into Panopto, not Kaltura.

Transfer existing videos from Kaltura to Panopto

Instructors need to ensure that any Kaltura content required in the 2022/23 academic year is moved into Panopto/Aston Replay, and any links/embeds in Blackboard are updated to point to the new location on Panopto.

Slow internet connection?

If your internet connection at home isn’t fast enough to easily upload and download video, you can use Aston’s Virtual Desktop.

Student video assignments

You can continue to use Kaltura to collect student video assignments up to 10 June 2022.

After Kaltura is shut down, you will not be able to access Kaltura videos submitted via a Blackboard Assignment. They will be available to view via the archive (read more, below).

Video assignments due after 10 June 2022 should be collected using Panopto. Guidance on how to set these up will be published prior to this date.


The process of copying every video to the archive will take up to fifteen weeks to complete.

It should not be relied on to give access to videos after Kaltura is shut down, except for submitted student video assignments. Staff will be able to submit a request to access other videos in the archive under special circumstances.

Any questions?

Contact the Technology-Enhanced Learning Team.