Timer and Force Complete options are now linked

To prevent issues arising when a student tries to complete a test through multiple tabs/windows, the Timer and Force Complete options are now linked

Colleagues are advised to avoid selection of the Force completion option. Enabling this option may create problems for students completing a test should they experience any connectivity issues during an assessment.

Previously, when a student tried to complete a test in more than one tab/window, the answers weren’t saved and would show ‘None Given’ and ‘saved question 0 multiple times’ for the instructor.

Now, the Force Complete option is linked to the Timer option to prevent this issue. In order to engage Force Completion, a timer must also be set.

If a student tries to re-enter a test in progress, a message appears indicating they cannot resume the test and that if they have opened the test in another window or tab, they must continue the attempt there.

if the student has closed the test’s tab/window, then the test attempt is unobtainable and will eventually be automatically submitted.

More details are available on the article on Behind the Blackboard.