Changes to

Blackboard are redesigning their help site. Any links to it will need to be checked and updated before 25 May 2021 to continue working.

What is changing?

On, pages in the section for Blackboard Learn contain information for both the Original and Ultra Experiences.

After 25 May 2021, the instructions for each experience will be on their own page. Existing links will point to the pages for the Ultra experience.

At Aston, we use the Ultra Experience Base Navigation, but individual Blackboard courses and organisations are still in the Original Experience. This means that any links to pages on may point to the wrong version of Blackboard Learn in use at Aston.

What needs updating?

If you are linking to Blackboard Learn documentation on, you need to amend the URL so that it continues to point to the correct content.

For example, the link to instructions for students to follow for Journals is:

You will need to add the highlighted, after ‘Student’:

This change can be made now, you don’t have to wait until the 25th.

What about TLC?

If you are linking to pages on TLC, you don’t need to do anything. Pages on TLC pointing to will be updated and will continue to work after the deadline.

Note Links on blog posts have not been updated.

More information

You can read more about the redesign on

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