Coming Soon: Blackboard Annotate

A new way to provide feedback on work submitted to Blackboard Assignments.

Blackboard Annotate replaces New Box View, allowing you to add feedback and comments directly onto students work submitted to Blackboard Assignments.

This only affects Blackboard Assignments. Turnitin Assignments will not change.

When will we get it?

Blackboard say our migration is scheduled for between 2 July, and will be complete by 9 July, but that these are approximate dates.

Update Blackboard Annotate was available on 3 July 2020.

What does it look like?

Click the plus sign for more information about each part of the toolbar, or watch a video introducing the features.

There’s full documentation for instructors available on the Blackboard Help site.

Will there be any downtime?

There is no planned downtime when Bb Annotate is enabled.

What about feedback given to assignments in New Box View?

Annotations created in Blackboard Assignment prior to the upgrade to Bb Annotate will be migrated.

When an instructor or student user accesses an annotated file during the migration, it will take a little bit longer to load but will be displayed in the new Bb Annotate viewer.

If an instructor is actively annotating a file using New Box View when the migration starts, the file will not migrate to Bb Annotate until the instructor has completed their session. Upon loading the submission file again, it will display in the Bb Annotate viewer.

Instructors will be able to delete annotations as well as add new comments to any existing comment created using New Box View.

Will Blackboard Annotate work with pen enabled devices?

Yes, Bb Annotate provides a much improved experience to users on mobile devices.