SignUp List

Create a list that students can add/remove themselves to/from. The list may be a simple list of names or it may populate a Blackboard group’s membership.

A maximum number of places can be set, as well as a number of reserve places. If a list becomes full the student will be added to a reserve list and then automatically moved to the main list if places become available.

Think of this tool as an electronic version of a paper sign up list that may have been previously available via a notice board. Generally speaking you would use this tool to allow students to sign up to one off events with limited places (see example below). However you may wish to use the list to gauge interest in an event, such as a field trip, by simply setting the maximum number of sign ups to the number of students who have access to the list.

Example usage

A module in ABS uses the tool to allow students to sign up for a dissertation topic. There are a number of titles which have a fixed amount of students that are allowed to use each title. These are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. The ability for students to be able to go a on a waiting list means that they can express an interest in a topic title even if all the places have been taken. If a student changes their mind then they students from the waiting list are automatically added to the topic.