Annual Module Update 2015

The new Blackboard modules for 2015-16 will be created from those agreed and registered in SITS/UMD and will be available to staff by Monday 10th August 2015.

After this date you can begin to populate them with new material or reuse existing material that you can copy from the previous year. It is quick and easy to copy selected content over from 2014-15 modules.

Modules where Blackboard is used to support committees, Distance Learning Modules, Programme Level Modules and Foundation Degree Modules etc. which go over more than one academic year are not affected, this update only applies to taught modules running from September 2015 to September 2016.

If you find you don’t have access to a particular module by the 10th August, then you will need to contact your School’s SITS administrator who will be able to register the module in SITS/UMD. If you are preparing your content before this date, you may request that the module be created early.

As last year, each Blackboard module will include:

  • Reading Lists – links to books, journals and articles. More information.
  • Module Specifications – a link to the current specification, ensuring the most recent updates are visible to staff and students

Modules from 2012-13

Modules that were live in 2012-13 will be archived by October 2015 and will no longer be available directly through Blackboard. These can be restored by IT Services if required, please contact the Technology Enhanced Learning Team for more information.


A version of this post was sent to all academic members of staff on 30th June 2015

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