YouTube mashup: 403 error

When attempting to add a video via the YouTube Mashup tool, you may see a 403 error

Blackboard Youtube Mashup showing a 403 error

Manually copy the embed code from YouTube and paste it into Blackboard.

Get the HTML code from Youtube

  1. Go to the YouTube video you want to embed
  2. Underneath the video, click the Share icon
  3. Click Embed
  4. Amend the embed options as you require, then click Copy

Add the HTML code into Blackboard

  1. Go to the page on Blackboard where you want the YouTube video to be embedded
  2. Make sure edit mode is switched on, then click Build Content then Item
  3. Give the item an appropriate name
  4. If you only see one row of toolbar icons in the text editor, click the two downward facing buttons at the right hand side to show all buttons
  5. Click the HTML button on the toolbar
  6. The HTML editor code view window will open, right click into the editor and click paste
  7. Click Update to close the HTML code view window.
  8. Click Submit

One thought on “YouTube mashup: 403 error

  1. Blackboard has worked with Google to increase the API quota. This issue described in this Known Issue article is now resolved

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