Content and course menu items may not reorder

When dragging and dropping content items, the items may scroll way past the bottom of the browser window.

Blackboard are aware of the bug, but at the time of writing have no ETA on a fix.

Workaround – Use keyboard accessible reordering

  1. Click the icon at the top of the list you want to reorder. This is either [1] to the top right of the course menu, or [2] the top right of a page with reorderable content (eg content folder, announcements, test canvas, etc)
  2. In the list, click the item you wish to reorder
  3. Click the Move Up and Move Down icons until the item is in the place you require. (Jump back to step two if you need to reorder other items on the same page)
  4. Click Submit

One thought on “Content and course menu items may not reorder

  1. Blackboard have said a fix for this is targeted for the Q2 2018 release. For us at Aston, that means this will remain a known issue until we upgrade over the summer.

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