Can’t access menus in the last column of the Grade Centre

Instructors may be unable to access the contextual menu in cells in the last column of the Grade Centre.

The arrow button only appears when the mouse is over the grade, but then disappears when you move it off the number towards the contextual menu arrow.

Blackboard are aware of the bug but are won’t commit to more information as to when it will be fixed.

There are two workarounds.

Turn screen reader mode on

Click the arrow in the title of the Grade Centre view, then click Turn Screen Reader Mode on

This will load the Grade Centre in one go (rather than only the cells and columns that are currently visible on screen).

Note This may not be a suitable workaround for those courses with a large number of students and/or columns in the grade centre, as the header rows and columns aren’t kept on screen when you scroll the table.

Add an extra column to the Grade Centre

Normally used to track activities that happen outside of Blackboard, you can manually create a column in the grade centre and leave it empty. This will be now be the last column, meaning you will have access to the attempts in the column you need.