Your Sandbox Course

All academic staff have been provided with a sandbox Course on Blackboard which can be found by looking for Your Personal Blackboard Sandbox in your My Courses list.

This Course is to enable staff to use to practice using tools and options in a risk-free environment away from their live Blackboard modules.

Finding Your Sandbox

If you cannot find your sandbox it may be that your course list settings is hiding the Course. This can be resolved by editing your course list. If you have your list arranged by term, you can find your sandbox under No term specified.

Adding A New Tool

All standard tools are available for use in your course except for the Module Specification and Readings as these are linked intrinsically to specific taught modules.

To use a tool, you will need to add it to your course menu with a Tool Link:

Choose your tool and a name for your link which will appear in the menu and then select Submit.

Adding A Colleague

Whilst you won’t have students in your Course you can add colleagues who can help you test and critique your development.