Self Enrol on Courses and Organisations

Follow these steps if you have been directed to self enrol as a student/participant on a Blackboard Course/Organisation.

If you have been given the School Administrator role, and need to enrol yourself on a course as an instructor (eg to add an assignment) you need to follow different instructions.


  1. Go to Blackboard, and click Courses or Organisations
  2. This shows you the courses/organisations you are enrolled on. Click Course Catalogue or Organisation Catalogue If you are on a mobile, the link is the icon at the top right of the screen, it won’t say the text next to it.
  3. Search the catalogue for the name you have been given, then click Go.
  4. The results of your search will be shown. Hover over the course/organisation you need, click the arrow next to the course ID (1), then click Enrol (2).
  5. You may be required to enter an access code, do so on this screen. Then Click Submit to confirm your enrolment.
  6. Click OK to be taken to the course/organisation.