Managing a SignUp List

Perform a number of management tasks related to the SignUp list such as manually adding users, exporting the list of members, sending email, etc.


SignUp Action bar

Manually Add Users will show you the students who have not signed up to the list and let you add them on their behalf. Note that if the main list is full they will be added to the reserve list.

Populate the Group If you created a group for this SignUp list, and didn’t set it to automaticaly populate, you can do so by clicking this button.

Print will open a tab/window in your browser containing the list – use your browsers Print function

Export Is currently broken

Email Lets you email the members of the list

Group: _____ If you created a group for this SignUp list, a link to it will appear here

Edit SignUp List If you need to make any changes to the settings, description, etc

Remove a user from the list

SignUp remove

Tick the box next to the name of the student(s) you want to remove, then either click

Silently Remove Selected To remove them from the list without sending them an email.

Remove Selected if you want them to receive an email saying they have been removed

If the reserve list is enabled, the student at the top of it will move onto the main list.

Sent: 23 September 2014 15:41
Subject: course_name: Thursday Tutorials – You have been removed from the list

Course: [course_name] Course Name
List Name: Thursday Tutorials

You had previously been signed up to this list. Changes have been made and your entry has now been removed.

You do not need to do anything – this message is simply reporting this change of membership as it affects you.

If this is unexpected or you have any other questions about this removal please contact the member of staff responsible:

Your name

Note: This email was generated automatically