Batch create a set of SignUp Lists

Instead of creating each SignUp list by hand, save time by creating several at once. You can set the names for each SignUp list, as well as the settings that will be applied to all of them.


  1. Go to the content area where you want the link to the list to appear
  2. Build Content - SignUp ListSelect Build Content, then click SignUp List
  3. Batch Create SignUp listsClick Batch Create
  4. Batch Create SignUp NamesEnter the names of the SignUp lists you want to create. Use the + and buttons to add/remove the fields for the names, up to a maximum of twenty.
  5. BatchSignUpInstructionsEnter the instructions that will appear at the top of each SignUp list
  6. SignUpListPeriodSet the dates and times where you want students to be able to sign up to the lists. Outside of these dates, your students will be told that it isn’t open/has closed.
  7. SignUpBatchSettingsSet the number of places available on the lists, and if you want students to be able to sign up to a reserve list
    • If you don’t want a reserve list, set Reserve Lists Size to zero
    • Show names on the lists¬†applies to the students’ view of the lists. If it is ticked, they see everyone else on the list. If it is unticked, they will only see their own
    • Choose if you want students to be able to remove themselves from the lists, and reserve lists (if you have them enabled)
  8. BatchSignUpGroupYou can get the SignUp lists to also create a Blackboard group, and also select if students are automatically added to the group.
    • Create a group if you want your students to engage with each other using blogs, wikis etc
    • If you’re using this list as a way of collecting students’ names, you probably won’t want an associated Blackboard group with this list, as such select None
  9. SignUpOptionsFinally, you’ll see the familiar Blackboard options for a piece of content
  10. Apr2014SubmitButtonWhen you’re done, click Submit
  11. If you are creating groups for use with these lists, you’ll see the Create Group screen.
    • Edit the group names if required (they will be named after the SignUp list)
    • Choose which tools are available to the members of the groups
    • Click Submit when you’re done.

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