Module Specifications

The University Module Directory (UMD) tool automatically links your Blackboard course to a PDF of the module specifications

It is part of the default template. If you need to add it back to a Blackboard course, follow these steps.

This guide shows you how to add a link from Blackboard to an existing module specification PDF. See the UMD link at the top of MAP for a completeĀ guide of how to submit your module specification.

  1. Make sure edit mode is on
  2. Click the + at the top left of your course menu
  3. Click Tool Link
  4. Enter the name ‘Module Specification’ in the text box
  5. Click the dropdown, and from the list choose UMD Course Tool Application
  6. Tick the box to make it Available to users
  7. Click Submit

This will add the link to the bottom of the course menu. You can click and drag on the handle at the side of the link to position higher up the menu, if required.

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