My Media

A private area for staff (and students) to upload and manage content

Add to your Blackboard Welcome page

The My Media tool is accessed from your Blackboard Welcome page, but you’ll need to add the module before you can use it.

  1. Add ModuleOn the welcome screen, click Add Module in the top left
  2. My Media moduleFind My Media in the list, and click Add
  3. Drag and Drop My Media ModuleThe module will be added to the bottom of the right hand column on your Welcome Page. You can click and drag the title to position it where you want.

My Media screen

Kaltura My Media with clipping


  1. Upload content, record from your webcam or create a screenshot
  2. Search through any media you have already uploaded
  3. List of your uploaded videos – click the title to view it
  4. Video player
  5. Set the video thumbnail
    • Pause the video then click this icon to change the thumbnail
  6. Video information.
    • Click [Edit] to edit the required field
  7. Allow others to make clips of this video
  8. Delete
  9. Create a clip
  10. Add to a course gallery

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