Embed Kaltura

Uploading a new video into Kaltura using the Add Content button in the Content Editor may fail. When you click the button to embed the video you have just uploaded, you may end up with either A blank screen Your browser downloading a file called LTIMashupCreate This affects Google Chrome, the new Microsoft Edge, and Continue Reading…


When embedding Kaltura content into the Blackboard Content Editor, you will see extra information when editing the item. The video’s thumbnail, as well as metadata, will appear in the content editor. It is only shown when editing content, it will not be shown when viewed. Kaltura and Blackboard are working on the best way to Continue Reading…


Instructors and students can embed Kaltura videos wherever they have access to the Blackboard content editor.

This opens up the use of video for your students in tools like discussion boards, assignments, etc.


  1. Click the More… icon – the ellipsis at the right hand side.
  2. Click the Add Content button – the plus inside a circle.
  3. Listed underneath Additional Tools, click Kaltura Media (you may have to scroll down)
  4. Kaltura will open in a popup window. You can
    1. Search for and select an existing video to embed – Click Select next to the required video, then skip to the last step, or
    2. Upload a new video into Kaltura – Click Add New, click Media Upload and move to the next step
  5. Either
    • Click Choose a file to upload to select the files to upload.
    • Drag and drop your files from the Windows Explorer/macOS Finder
  6. The next screen will show you the upload progress, and let you add information about your video into Kaltura. Information you add here will make it easier to find your videos in Kaltura at a later date. When you have filled out the information you need, click Save and Embed
  7. The Katura pop up window will close, and you will be taken back to creating/editing the Blackboard item. If you have just uploaded a video, rather than selected something you had uploaded to Kaltura previously, your video may not have processed yet so won’t be ready to view immediately.

Make any other changes you need to the content item (title, description, date release etc), then click Submit