Add a video item

Adding media to your course this way creates a standalone content item that will appear in your course. Alternatively, use the Kaltura mashup tool to add a video into any of Blackboard’s text editors (eg in a content item, blog, discussion, etc).


  1. Go to the page in the Blackbaord course you want the video to appear
  2. Select Build Content, Kaltura Media
  3. Upload the file(s)
  4. Add title(s) and description(s) for the video(s) in Kaltura
  5. Fill out the Blackboard title and desctiption


  1. Navigate to the content area you want the video to appear, and make sure edit mode (top right of the screen) is switched on.
  2. Build Content - Kaltura MediaGo to Build Content, and select Kaltura Media
  3. This screen shows you all of the media you have uploaded to Kaltura. To add a new file, click Add Media near the top right of the screen, and then Upload Media or Record from Webcam
  4. Kaltura Browse
    • Click Browse to select the files to upload.
    • You can select multiple files by holding down control and clicking each file to upload.
    • Each file may be no bigger than 1.8GB
  5. When you’ve chosen all of your files, you’ll see the list of files that will be uploaded. If you’ve made a mistake, you can remove a file from the upload list by clicking the bin icon. When you’re happy with the list to upload, click Upload!
  6. Your files will upload. At the end of this process, you’ll see the status of each upload. Click Next
  7. Kaltura Title videoChange the title of the video to something more memorable, add a description and any tags you see fit. Adding tags will help you locate videos later on. When you’re done, click Next
  8. This will return you to Blackboard, where you fill out the the Blackboard title and description (i.e what will get shown to the student in the course area), as well as set availability options. Under step 3, Mashup Options, you can choose to show the media information, description and tags. If you don’t want students to see this, select No.
  9. When you’re done, scroll down and click Submit
  10. Kaltura playerThe item has been added into the content area. Members of the course can view the video by clicking Watch Video