Course Media Reports

Use the course media report to find out what Kaltura videos your students are watching, and how long they’re watching them for

You can find the link to view the course media reports in the Course Gallery tool:

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Course Tools -> Course Gallery
  2. Kaltura View Course Media ReportsClick View Course Media Reports


Kaltura Media Report Dashboard

(Identifiable information has been removed from this screenshot)

The dashboard gives an overview of the number of media items, which ones are most popular, and user engagement. Click the +┬ánext to the heading┬áto reveal more information about the top five media items…

Kaltura Report Media Item

… and top five users

Kaltura media report users

In both cases you can click See Full Report>> to see information for all of the users on a course, and get a more detailed breakdown of how much of each item they viewed, how many minutes viewed, etc.


Panopto statistics

Don’t forget you can view statistics about your Aston Replay sessions.

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