Create a new Content Area

How to create a new Content Area for your Blackboard course and move it to the correct position in your Course Menu.

  1. Add Menu item icon to the top left of the Course MenuWithin your module, select the + at the top of the Course Menu.
    This opens the list of menu items that can be added to your Course Menu.
  2. Content Area at the top of the list From the drop down menu, choose Content Area.
  3. Type the name and select the box to make it visible Type in the name of your new Contant Area. Next, choose whether or not to make it visible to students using the tick box.
    Then click Submit.
  4. New area above the Course Management menuLocate your new Content Area at the bottom of the current Course Menu and above the Course Management options.
  5. Arrows to the above right of the Course MenuYou can now move your new Content Area to a different position in the Course Menu. Click the two way pointing arrow icon above the Course Menu to open the Reorder: Menu Items list.
  6. Arrows to the bottom right of the Re-order listClick on the name your Content Area to select it, it will turn blue. Use the up and down arrows to move your Content Area one step at a time to the correct position in your Course Menu. When your Content Area has reached the correct position, click Submit.

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