Removing Student Users from a Course

Student users should not be removed off a Blackboard course for a taught module.

Doing so would irreversibly sever the student from their associated information, such as Grades, assignment information and course statistics.

Alternatively, you should contact your School SITS administrator to ensure that the students are attached to their respective courses.

Other courses


Only perform the following steps if you are removing someone from a Blackboard course that isn’t a taught module

  1. Browse to the users page of your course via the Control Panel.  Expand the menu by clicking Users and Groups, then click Users
  2. In the list, locate the student(s) you wish to remove and tick the box to the left of their username(s)
  3. At the top/bottom of the list, click Remove Users from Course
  4. You will be prompted to confirm they should be removed.



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