Allow guest access to your course

You can enrol ‘guests’ onto your module to view the content.

  • You can control what they can and cannot see.
  • Your guests must have an Aston username and password.
  • Guests cannot see assessments or the Grade Centre.
Firstly, set your module to allow Guest access.
  1. Edit mode toggled onLog into Blackboard, navigate to your module and ensure your editing is switched on.
  2. Go to the Course Management menu, open the Customisation menu and click Guest and Observer access.
  3. On the Guest and Observer Access page ensure the Allow Guest Access box is set to Yes and click Submit.

Secondly, allow guest access to each content area of your module individually.
  1. Edit mode toggled onEnsure your editing is switched on.
  2. Click the drop down arrow to open the menu of the content area you wish to allow the guests to access. Click Permit Guests.

You cannot set guest access toAston Replay (Panopto) from the Content menu.
  1. You can circulate the link to the Aston Replay area of your module to your guests.
  2. Or you can circulate the link to individual videos.

If you need help with guest access contact the TEL Team.