Setting Up a Web Folder/WebDAV in Course Files

Follow these instructions to manage your course files for your modules within Windows Explorer or the OS X Finder.

This lets you upload files into the Course Files area, making them available for you to link to in a content area, as well as edit files via the Web Folder without having to download them & re-upload them.


  1. Screnshot of the content collection button in the control panelUnderneath the Control Panel to your module, click the Files chevron.
  2. In the files area select Set Up Web Folder
  3. A window will open with instructions specific to your module and operating system (Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X).

Want to access all of your courses via the same network location?

If you useĀ as the location (i.e. the web address suggested by the instructions in step 3, but with the module code deleted from the end) then you’ll be able to add a network location listing a folder for each module. This way you don’t need to repeat the above process for each module.