View a Panopto video submission

When a student submits their video using the Panopto Video Student Submission, the resulting submission contains a link to their video rather than the embedded video (as seen with Kaltura).

To view the submitted video

  1. Access the student submissions in the usual way through Needs Grading.
  2. DescriptiveWhen you are in the grading screen you will see a link to the video (where previously you may have seen the embedded video).
  3. To watch the video, click on the link and the video will automatically open in a new tab and start playing. You will see that the web address has changed.
  4. DescriptiveWhen you have finished watching the video, click on the Blackboard tab to return to the grading screen in Blackboard to add your marks and feedback.
  5. DescriptiveIf there are additional documents added to the submission, these can be viewed in the usual way via the link in the grading panel.