Creating Group Assignments

You can create a Blackboard Assignment submission link or a group in several course areas including content areas, learning modules, lesson plans and folders.

One student  from the group accesses the submission link and can upload a video, type a submission and attach files on behalf of the group. Marks and feedback can be directed to the entire group or can be customised to individual group members,

  1. Navigate to the page on your Blackboard course where you’d like the link to appear. If your course is using the Aston Blackboard Template, this will be The Assessment Submission area.
  2. On the action bar, go to Assessments and then click Assignment. This opens up the Create Assignment page.
    Enter a name for the assignment. This will be what the student sees and will also be the name of the Grade Centre column for this assignment.
  4. Enter any instructions you need displayed on screen when the student submits work.
  5. If this is a video submission continue onto the next step. If this is not a video assignment, jump to the next appropriate step.
  6. (If you only see one row of icons in the toolbar, click the ellipses icon at the right) Click the Additional content icon to open the pop-up menu.
  7. From the list select Panopto Student Submission. This will add a list of instructions the student needs to follow. More importantly, it will add a link to allow the student to set up their video library.
  8. You have now added the link to Panopto My Folder and the instructions.
    You can edit any of the added text, but you must leave the Panopto video library link present.
  9. This course must be provisioned with Panopto before the Panopto Student Submission Tool can be used with it. Please contact your administrator or instructor.If you see this message, you need to provision the course with Panopto. You can finish working on your submission link and then come and add in the Panopto submission tool once you have provisioned the course.
    If you have any supporting files for this assignment:

    • If they are on your computer, attach them by clicking Browse My Computer
    • If the file has already been uploaded to this course, click Browse Course
  11. DUE DATE
    Set a due date and time for the assignment.
    GradingSet how many points this assignment is worth. If you want to use a rubric with this assignment, you can create a new/associate an existing one here.
  13. Expand the Submission Details section and tick Group Submission.
  14. Select the groups that will be submitting to this assignment by moving them from Items to Select to Selected Items using the shuffle box.
  15. If appropriate tick the box to use SafeAssign and have the submission checked by the Plagiarism Tools.
  16. If you want to hide grades/feedback from students (eg so you can mark all of the submissions and release them in one go)
    1. Expand the Display of Grades section.
    2. Untick Show to students in My Grades
      IMPORTANT This will only hide the individual column from a student’s view. The grade will still be included in calculated columns such as “Total”. To hide it from Calculated Columns; untick Include in Grade Center grading calculations
  17. AvailabilityIf you’d like to make the assignment unavailable to students, or to set when it will display after/until, enter your choices here
  18. Click Submit