Annual Module Update 2016

Blackboard courses for 2016-17 modules have been created from those agreed and registered in SITS/the UMD. You can begin to populate them with new material, or reuse existing material from the previous year. It is quick and easy to copy selected … Continued

Possible interruption: 11 August 2016

We will be performing some quick maintenance on Blackboard between 0800 and 1000 BST on 11 August 2016. You may be briefly unable to access Blackboard while the servers are restarted. See details for other timezones.  

Error when renaming course menu items

When you rename a content area in the course menu, you will see an error Unable to generate id. The provided key value is invalid (datatype: “”, value: “undefined”). The rename was successful, and if you refresh the page you … Continued