Error when renaming course menu items

When you rename a content area in the course menu, you will see an error Unable to generate id. The provided key value is invalid (datatype: “”, value: “undefined”). The rename was successful, and if you refresh the page you … Continued

Blackboard Upgrade 2016

Our annual upgrade is scheduled to begin on July 26th 2016. Blackboard Managed Hosting will begin the upgrade at 2300 BST, it will take up to 16 hours. See details for other timezones. Blackboard will be unavailable while the upgrade is taking place. After … Continued

Blackboard Unavailable

Blackboard is currently running very slowly, or is unavailable. We’re working with Blackboard’s Managed Hosting team to restore access. Updates: #TT172929 – Our monitoring tools indicate throughput issues in Manchester since 11:03 BST Thursday 14th April. We are investigating. — … Continued